Hello!  My name is Mike Cummins and I have been involved in coaching marriages since 2000.  I started officiating weddings in 2001, when I was a pastor.  It was through performing the ceremonies and coaching these couples I came to understand my life’s purpose.  I left my role as a pastor, went back to school, and received my degree in Psychology.  Now, I am still involved in officiating weddings and I teach on marriage and parenting at my local church.  Plus, I want to use this blog to capture and share my thoughts about marriage.

That is all good, but I think its also important to point out that I have skin in the game as well.  I have been married to my wife since November 1998.  We have four children, and by all means necessary, we are trying to STAY at four kids.  The two older kids are girls and the two younger ones are boys.

The most important things I have found in my years of helping couples (and myself) is that the best marriages are the ones that are naked and unashamed.  I want to help you get there too – no matter where you are on the journey or the years invested.

I hope we can come together to grow and that you feel comfortable to share your thoughts and opinions…even if you don’t agree with each other.

Mike Cummins


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