The 5 Ingredients to Great Sex

Sex is good!  Right?  If this is true, then is there situations where it is best?  To have the best sex, what would have to be in play?  This post will go through some thoughts I have on what would make for great sex.

We have already talked about how God created us to be sexual beings.  We also discussed how sex is an act of worship since God told us to have sex.  We have mentioned the importance of seeing each other as a whole person.  These are all components of great sex, but is there anything else?

Great sex happens needs these following ingredients for it to be great.

  1. Intimacy
  2. Selflessness
  3. Passion
  4. Playfulness
  5. Commitment

Intimacy allows each other to see into each other.  It is the ability to unveil (or unmask) each other so that you allow each other to see us for who we are underneath.  There is no pretending, there is no barriers to climb.  When we experience sex with eyes open, souls engaged, and desire pumping through our veins this brings about a great sexual experience.

Selflessness allows us to pay attention to other person.  It gets out of our heads and the worry of the performance and allows us to engage the other.  Great sex is not about performance.  It is about being in tune with our partner and flowing with their needs.  Great sex is like a dance where each other can feel where the other person wants to go and can lead them to that place.

Passion is needed because with great passion comes the desire to try new things.  Passion leaves the dullness behind and strives for new ways in order to make love to your partner.  Passion allows each other to be free and grow in their abilities to service their partner.  I know that when passion is flowing and we are extra horny, sex becomes an adventure.  Being willing to venture out and try new things.  However, be sure that each is on board…even if it is to try it and then decide later.

Playfulness allows each other to stretch themselves and try new things.  It brings the whole experience to a new place.  It allows the couple to bring in items that might spice up their sex life.  However, we need to be careful when it comes to playfulness.  If we bring in some aspects, then it brings harm more than joy.  We need to ensure that whatever we bring in allows the other 4 ingredients to continually flow throughout the experience.  Each couple has their own boundary; however, I would suggest that things such as pornography not be included.  I only say this because of what studies have proven when people look at pornography.

Commitment is required for great sex.  This is because when we know the other person is in it for the long haul with us, it gives us the freedom to be exposed.  Commitment allows us each other to let the other person in a little more.  Granted, no relationship is permanent – even if you are married.  However, studies have shown that married couples have better sex and this is because marriage proves your commitment.

What do you feel about these ingredients?  Would you add any others?  Would you take one away?


What tugged on you during this post?

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