The Whole in Sex Part 2

I think God was thinking that we need to see each other as whole people when he was talking about sex.  The other aspect to the whole in sex has to do with the way it was expressed to us.  Look at how the church has expressed the concept of sex.  The church basically tells kids that sex is evil until you get married and then it’s godly.  No, sex is godly no matter when it is done – for he created it.

When we are honest with kids, then when they are married, they don’t have to make this mental jump to look at it as a godly act.  They have been taught a wholesome aspect of God’s character when it comes to sex.  Now, they can approach sex with confidence, rather than with fear and trepidation.  God said that he created everything for our enjoyment – including sex.  His truths are universal – which the church has no problem spouting when it comes to giving and receiving (i.e., tithing).  However, when it comes to other truths, it tries to manipulate thoughts in order to preserve purity.  I get it, and I used to do the same thing as a youth pastor.

However, we have to stop hand picking which topics are universal.  If God set something to be a truth, then it is a truth.  If the church was to state its opinions about sex in a loving, and non-judgmental way, I believe it would be surprised by the results of those that would listen.

What does God say about sex?  In the poem found in Genesis, it states that God created a man named Adam.  God wanted to find a partner for Adam, but none of the things yet created were what Adam needed.  It was then that God took a side of Adam and created Eve.

Side note: When Genesis says that God took a part of the man’s side, I believe he took a portion of the man all the way down to his DNA.  I find it interesting that no one has ever mentioned this in a book on marriage.  Think about this, women only have X chromosomes where men have both an X and Y chromosome.

God created two people and in the beginning they were naked and felt no shame.  They did not need to cover up their bodies because what they each saw in each other, and more importantly, in themselves, was beauty.  They were not comparing themselves to the idealistic photo shopped image in a magazine.  They were not looking for “sexual education” on the internet.

This is what we long for in the relationships we search for now…someone that accepts us just the way we are.  They only way this happens is when our loved ones can see past the portions they have as needs and see us as a whole person.

In the end, God is a God that has created sex for our enjoyment.  This can be seen through his first command he gave to mankind – go and increase in numbers.  Which in laymen terms means to go have sex.

Have you seen yourself as one that was created to have sex?  Sex is good and it is an act of worship since God created it and told us to do it in order to fulfill his purpose.  Do you see sex as a form of worship before God?  What are you thoughts?


What tugged on you during this post?

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