Love Muffin

Sex is a three letter word that can be considered a taboo in some marriages.  I think this is an important topic and needs to be discussed more – especially in churches.  So, we are going to be discussing this subject over the next few days.

Sex is an important part of marriage.  I would love to say it is a necessity; however, there are couples that have great marriages without the ability to have sex – for one reason or another.  That being said, I will say that intimacy and erotic love is a necessity.

What is sex?  Is sex just an act between two individuals for mutual satisfaction?  Is sex just something we do in order to show our love for the other person in our relationship?  Is sex a tool?

Sex is all of these.  However, if this is the only way you see sex, then I would hazard to guess that your sex life is not that good…if existent.  Sex is more than a tool; albeit, it is a tool.  Sex is an act between two individuals for mutual satisfaction (or heck, even the satisfaction of at least one of the individuals).  However, if this is all it is then it can leave one (or both) feeling used and/or empty.  Sex is an avenue to show our love to one another, but if there is no enjoyment then it becomes a task we feel we have to do.

Sex – great sex – is about making a connection with your spouse that touches each of your souls.  Great sex, when you experience it, makes time stop and sends a tingle throughout your whole body.  It makes you feel alive!  Great sex has this give and take underlying tone.  The best way to reach this feeling is through open eye orgasm.

Like I said – this site is about being naked and unashamed.  Plus, I have already warned you about my candor.

What is open eye orgasm?  That is when you are both staring into each other’s eyes when you reach climax due to your bodies gyrating together as you each explode with ecstasy.  Now, let me point out that there is a difference between reaching an orgasm and just merely ejaculating.  Without this peak sensation of euphoria where you each are giving and taking, then you just ejaculated.

When this is the norm and there is no deep connection, sex becomes boring.  Sex can also become routine.  This will lower the woman’s desire to have sex as well.  Sex needs to be exciting and enjoyable – for both people involved.

The most important aspect to sex is the connection between two souls that are naked and unashamed.  It is through this connection men learn to be vulnerable and allow themselves to experience intimacy with their wife.

Here is a question just between you and your spouse – have you ever tried to experience an orgasm with your eyes fixated on each other?  If not, give it a try.  Here is a daring thought – keep the lights on too so you can actually see each other.


What tugged on you during this post?

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