Stage 5: Acquisition, Part 1

Saran Wrap – just those two words uttered together gives me a chill.  I am not sure about you, but this is one of those items I have never really mastered.  There have been times that I have had this thing licked, only to come back a short stint later to fail miserably.

Saran Wrap can be a great example of the different options that can end a cycle.  As we approach this last stage, we really only have a few options.

1. We get it right and both people are satisfied with the results
2. We miss something along the way and we both decide to go back through the process once again.
3. We didn’t come to a mutual agreement on the outcome, so both parties have agreed to take some time.
4. Neither one will come to an agreement (even if to disagree), so someone (if not both) decide to move on.

One of the reasons why marriage can be hard is that we lose one of the four options listed above.  Do you know which one?  Then you add kids to the mix, a couple might only have two of the options listed above.  Marriage is hard and it is not easy with kids in the mix either, it takes work and commitment.

I would like to share a personal story to illustrate these five stages in how they interact with a relationship.  This is one of the many stories that illustrate just how willing I am to be naked and unashamed in my relationship.  However, before sharing this story, I believe there are some things we need to identify.  First, I don’t have it all together and I ask some pretty “out there” questions.  Second, I asked this question after being married for over twelve years, so I had some “spare change” in my pocket (this will be a discussion for another day).  Finally, if you DARE to ask this same question, please do not send me an medical bills for restitution – you must proceed at your own risk.

Now the story –
When my wife was about seven months pregnant with our third child she had her girls’ group over to our house for their monthly get together.  When they takeover our house, I usually am able to escape to the basketball court.  On this particular night, when I was leaving, I over heard the gals discussing the fact that they do not like their husbands coming behind them and groping their private bodily parts.  Being a guy, I couldn’t understand why they didn’t like this…  After leaving, I pondered this thought for the next day.  After coming home from work, I informed my wife that I overheard the conversation from her girls group the night before.  I told her that I had been thinking about some things and I would like to get her thoughts, as a woman.  I asked her if it would be beneficial for the wives if the husbands had a mistress on the side, where they could get ALL of their physical needs met.  Then, when the man came home, he would be emotionally available for his wife.  Yeah, you read that right…I asked that question to a woman who is seven months pregnant.  After asking this question, my wife looked at me, and I quote, “Really?!”  Most would have stopped right here and realized that she is giving me an opportunity to turn around and proceed safely back to the “no argument zone”, but not me…on I charged.  I said, “Yeah, really.  I just want to know what you would think of that scenario, being a woman.”  Again, all she could mutter was, “REALLY?!”

I am going to stop here for the night.  Tomorrow, we will review how this story reflects the five stages of a cycle and then I will tell you how it ended.  The not-so-cliffhanger is at least you know I survived…

Do you have a funny or dangerous questions that you have either asked or have been asked?


What tugged on you during this post?

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